CE/KS3: Science: Physics: Forces

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This possibly is one of the most important science concepts for your child to understand. Forces Common Entrance and Key Stage 3 topic pack contains all the key points that your child needs to know, using short,concise sentences. Colour illustrations (instead of just standard black text) helps your child to stay engaged and interested in the topic they're learning about. The visualisation of the topic helps make understanding easier. 


This is a fully illustrated revision guide for Common Entrance and KS3 pupils, covering:

  • What forces are and how they affect us every day.
  • The different types of forces.
  • Gravitational Force.
  • Magnetic Force.
  • Friction and air resistance.
  • Floating & Sinking.
  • Terminal Velocity
  • How magnets and compasses work.
  • Formulae for calculating pressure, speed, turning moments, weight & springs.

This pack includes:

  • Revision Booklet with Glossary of Key Terms and Words.
  • Test Yourself Question and Answer Booklet
  • Active Revision Game.
  • Question & Answer Flashcards.

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The Oaka Steps to Revision Success:

Step 1: Read our cartoon style revision book. This highly illustrated, bullet point booklet highlights the key facts for revision, making the points clear and easy to follow.

Step 2: Using the Active Revision Game and the Question & Answer Flashcards supplied, you can make revision fun! You can then use the Flashcards alone for a quick revision session. The more your child can repeat the revision process using different methods, the better their recall will be. Our highly illustrated revision guides help your child to visualise key information, aiding understanding and recall.

Step 3: Finally, using the Test Yourself Question and Answer Booklet, you can check your child’s progress and understanding of this project (don’t forget, keep using the Flashcards for regular quick revision sessions!).

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