Reviews from Parents

Great success

‘My children, (Year 7 and Year 4) love playing this together. Older sibling will answer from memory. Very user friendly for the younger one with some answers written on the map. Still requires effort on her part to locate them. Very inclusive. Happy to recommend.’ Saskia, parent.

Best game ever!!!

‘The Geogo! game is fantastic, the quality of all the pieces are great. Fantastic value for money. Can not wait to be able to buy more maps and Q cards.’ Jay Tomlin, parent.

Geography Bundle

‘My son loves these workbooks. They are so easy to use despite his severe dydlexia, hypermobility and aspergers. Theyve also sparked the geography passion gor me as im remembering things from over 30 years ago. Great topics, easy layout and fabulous structure through each topic.’ Melanie Eastwood, parent.

Making map reading fun

‘An ideal way to learn about map reading while having fun. The rules are straightforward and the questions are pefect for late KS2/KS3 children (some of them made me have to think hard too!). It is great to have maps of real places to explore. Shortly after getting the game we went on holiday and both children were excited to look at an OS map and plan some walks – something I am sure that Geogo! has helped them feel confident with.’ Laya, parent.

Mum’s best friend for stress free revision

‘Brilliant way to help our KS3 children revise for their end of year exams. Thanks’ Tanya, parent.

Visual Learners

‘Very impressed with our Roman Britain Topic Pack, my 8 year old enjoys these much more than standard workbooks. Engaging content that’s appealing for my reluctant learner. We definitely recommend and will be buying more.’ Jo L. parent.

Excellent books

‘Love the books, they are very well put together and engaging for children. My 3 have loved working through them. Also had great service from the company, the order arrived quickly and although I was sent a different book by mistake after contacting them they sent out another one straight away. So 5 stars for communication as well. Would definitely recommend.’ Helena, parent.

Brilliant way to remember terms and definitions

‘I bought this for my dyslexic Year 9 son to help him revise for his end of year science exams – he ended up with an A. I firmly believe that this little game and its Chemistry and Physics Pairs Games helped him to achieve this fantastic result. Thanks so much. Even I learned something! A real mum’s friend for stress free revision support.’ Tanya T. parent.

Fantastic resource – highly recommend!!

We have now purchased several of the Oaka History and Geography booklets and most of the Science range of topic booklets. They are a brilliant study aid used by Y6 and Y7 students for home study and revision. The clear and colourful layout really helps keeps the kids focused and the mind-maps and glossary really support the retention of information. Highly recommend for dyslexic and visual learners!’ Petra L. parent.

Biology: Our bodies, how they grow and move

‘Love everything about these packs, my sons and I really enjoyed playing the game. Learning made easy and fun at last.’ Ruth P. parent.

On The Map

‘I bought this game recently and it has been a huge success with both my 11 year old (Dyslexic and dyspraxic son) and my 15 year old dyslexic daughter. We’ve only played the Europe side so far but we love it – already on the plan to play tomorrow!’ Giselle H. parent.




‘Bought the chemistry books quite by accident and couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the box. Bought for my granddaughter, who is not in the slightest dyslexic – didn’t realize the material was specifically targeting this group of children. They are soooo engaging that I feel every child should have access. My only wish is that they will produce material for KS4. BRILLIANT!’ Miriam S. grandmother.

KS3 Board games

We love researching topics and create lots of boardgames, quiz style games, lapbooks and study units to facilitate individual learning paths. I received a well packaged delivery of Science Scramble Chemistry, Science Scramble Physics, Geography On the Map, a couple of KS3 topic books, and a Biology pairs game a few weeks ago and my goodness, do I wish I purchased this sooner. The boardgames are of excellent quality. Boards are sturdy with colourful graphics and lots of room for players to venture to different areas. This is a plus if you have students that are easily bored with monotonous play.

Science Scramble Chemistry: As board game fanatics, we are very impressed with the quality of the content. Chemistry cards send players on unexpected paths around the board and have my son and his friends in fits of laughter. The merit points are a nice touch as collecting it is far more appealing than dotting down points on paper. The Question cards are comprehensive and Equipment cards and bite size definitions help dissect abstract concepts.

Geography On the Map: A brilliant piece of kit. The board is reversible and covers continents, countries, capital cities, oceans etc. Generous amount of game pieces and the country point system is a huge hit. (They get more excited by claiming countries than playing electronic games, which is a huge plus in my book) We have yet to explore the Science Scramble Physics, which is also jam packed with content and highly visual.

Topic Packs: We have an Oaka Digital Licence and have only just acquired some Topic packs. These are excellent value for money, and I cannot recommend them enough. Topic packs contain a mini game and game pieces with a good amount of question cards to reinforce key concepts. I find that the presentation greatly reduces stress and anxiety whether tackling a new topic or revising an old one. Oaka Books are developed to support Dyslexic learners but appeal to all types of learning styles. Thank you for creating an amazing product that speaks to the most valued customer, our children!’ Rwanda, parent.


‘Amazingly well illustrated. My Daughter has various sen and she found this easy to follow’. Debbie B, parent.


‘Fantastic educational books! These packs are great for kids and very visual to grab the child’s imagination. I would highly recommend them,’ Jules, parent.


‘This is excellent for dyslexic readers! I just wished they did a wider range of various topics in this format. It was explained in simple language, clear and memorable with lots of pictures,’ Amazon customer.


‘We regularly use the biology and chemistry KS3 cards and also the On the Map game. These make learning much easier for my dyslexic daughter and provide something at which she can excel. This, in turn, means that she wants to practice more and so improves. We are delighted with these products.’ Sarah J.


‘Excellent all round – We purchased oakabooks digital subscription, excellent value, highly useable, tracked quiz results – highly recommend’ – Debbie W.


‘Really helped with revision. Thanks,’ Amazon customer.


‘Love these books, the information is clearly set out and is nice and colourful. My daughter enjoys working through these. Makes Home Ed fun!’ Nicola L.
‘My daughter found this very engaging. She was even able to show and talk through bits with her younger (autistic) sister. So really they both gained from it and the work my older one did. Excellent (as always)’ Rosemary C.
‘Highly recommended – We have used several of the Oaka packs and find them fun and engaging. My son is a visual learner so enjoys the illustrations and layout. A great resource. Thankyou.’ Julie G.


‘I love Oaka it really engages and helps retain the information because of the innovative way they use the content. Massively helpful to parents of children with dyslexia. Who knew a biology board game could be so much fun! The study skills was brilliantly simple and loved the Armada map with the boat pieces.’ Louise B.
‘Fantastic! My 13yr old loves using the digital platform. Well presented, easy to read and digest information, with good links to resources and quizzes to reinforce learning Good learning experience – would recommend.’ Victoria R.

‘Can’t rate them high enough!’ We use Oaka for our son, he’s KS3 and can’t rate them highly enough. The bright, colourful books are laid out beautifully. It’s such a good way to learn for my son, he retains so much information. We have both the digital version as this has quizzes and extras. And also every topic book including science, geography and history. Each topic book includes a separate game which you can play related to the topic, this leads to excitement at finishing the book, and also it helps retain the information. There is also a colourful book to fill in with what you have learnt. 

We also have the chemistry, physics, biology and geography board games. These are such a lovely way to learn, we all play them and have learnt so much. My son is a visual learner, he is certainly learning with Oaka. I’ll be using them with my younger child when he’s at that stage.’ Liam Sargino.


Fantastic resource – highly recommend!!
We have now purchased several of the Oaka History and Geography booklets and most of the Science range of topic booklets. They are a brilliant study aid used by Y6 and Y7 students for home study and revision. The clear and colourful layout really helps keeps the kids focused and the mind-maps and glossary really support the retention of information. Highly recommend for dyslexic and visual learners!’ Petra L.
Excellent resource
I have borrowed the same cards from a colleague to help with pupils’ CE revision so thought I’d get some of my own. They are superb; clear graphics, appropriate vocab, useful topic cover. I use them as a plenary at the end of a lesson or as flash cards to ‘jog’ memories at the start.’ Elizabeth K.
‘It is amazing, it helped me a lot with my final exam, I got higher marks in geography…… and in everything, it totally changed me, btw its so fun, it literally made learning more fun.’ Luma A.
‘I like the digital site- the quizzes are good although I’m struggling to find all the content (such as the 3D pictures). I also took out a subscription for 2 children but it won’t switch users so they both use the same slot so if I renew it would only be for one child.’ Jenna H.
(Oaka says: Hi Jenna, you can set up extra accounts when you log in for the Quiz section so they can both work on their own accounts. The 3D pictures are in each topic’s Resources section. Any problems, please call us and we can set it up for you. Best wishes, Oaka.)
‘I just wanted to let you know that I am seriously impressed with Oakadigital – the topic packs and quizzes etc. I am really pleased with the layout, the content, the information – it is easy to use, inspiring, fun and we get lots of learning from each topic pack in bitesize, manageable chunks – EXACTLY how my son learns. There is nothing ‘scary’ about this method of learning.
Wanted to say thank you and well done for putting together this learning system.’ Vicky, home educator.
‘Very impressed with the biology pack we have bought! Kids love it.’ Caroline Taylor.
‘Google brought too much info. Your books have it all in digestible form.’ Julie Turnbull.
‘Love Oaka resources!.’ Patsy Rox.
‘These books are fab! I use them at school thanks to a parent.’ Anthea Thomas-Mclean.
‘Love these books!’ Sheila, parent.
‘We love this game (On The Map). Such a fun and relaxed way to learn!’ Shelly Oosthuizen.
‘Amazing resource! Each topic is well planned, information is set out in a way that is so easy to understand and the games are perfect for fun revision. I can’t recommend highly enough.’ Lynsey Gilmore, parent.
‘Daniel has totally and utterly embraced the Common Entrance Geography ‘On The Map’ board game. It’s brilliant! As are the topic packs, which are so simple, cover all the information you need, and far more fun than your average Common Entrance text book!’ Karen Riddle, parent.
‘We love Oaka Books resources: really easy to read, understand and use! We’ve bought several of their packs now, and are always really pleased. Great stuff!’ Rachel Yarworth, parent.
‘Quality resources for KS3 revision. Particularly useful for those that prefer more visual resources as opposed to pages of wordy print.’ Alison Knagg, parent.
‘The board games are marvellous!! Looking forward to the KS2 games this year. Our kids are enjoying the packets as well and we will be adding to our collection!’ Erica Pi’ilani Gagen, parent.
‘We have bought several of these packs now. My daughter finds them so clear and easy to use. She used all the Roman packs at the end of a big topic to remind her of the key points and we are now using the River topic booklet. They are great for enforcing key vocabulary too and the game or activity at the end is hands on and fun! Would definitely recommend.’ Vicky Waud, parent.
‘We have only brought 2 of the resource packs so far but both my children and myself are really impressed with them and are enjoying working through them. As I have 3 children I contacted Bambi to see if we could buy extra work books for each set and she replied almost instantly about how to do this. Fantastic company and I highly recommend.’ Laura Etherington, parent.
‘Oh wow!!! The Light pack we won arrived this morning, my Y7 daughter (excelling at science) was so excited and my Y3 daughter (also a science nerd) jumped on board too. We’re so impressed with what’s contained and they’re eager to get into it together (bonus) so we will definitely be ordering some more, since they’ve already made lists of what they want! Thank you so much for getting the kids off their iPads!!!’ Rachel Lindsey Ott, parent.
‘We are Oaka Books biggest fans in our home. We home educate our son who is eleven, and he loves this way of learning. It’s quite amazing that he has such amazing recall of everything that he has learnt from each topic book.

For example, we’ve just done the Henry VIII topic book with him, then the game/learning map, then filled out the topic book. We’ve played the learning map quite a few times, and he’s becoming a little mastermind. For the learning map I read out the question, then everyone has to try and answer, if no-one knows he has fifteen seconds to find it in the topic book, then pass it on.
The more we do it, the less he needs the topic book, this afternoon he got 16 right on either side without having to look. Some topic books have games with counters, others learning maps.

We also have all of the board games, and they are great fun whilst learning at the same time, to our son it doesn’t feel like learning. As an aside the games are beautiful, even the boxes that they come in. The game also encourage him to want to do the topic books (not that he needs encouragement) so that he can get more questions right.

I really mean it when I say the Oaka way of learning is amazing. I would have to write an essay to portray everything I love from the visual appeal to the ethos behind them. We ordered one topic book, and just had to get them all. We will also be getting the digital subscription with other home educators. This will complement the topic books.

I really do wish that every child whether home educated or schooled could learn this way, they would learn so much, commit more to memory, and get a lot of enjoyment at the same time.’ Tracey Sargeant, home educator.


‘We have bought two Topic Packs, one KS1 and one KS3, both are excellent! They are engaging and interesting and my dyslexic daughter even asks to play the games. I have used the Fire of London resources for my 6 year old and she really enjoys it as she can read it herself and the sentences are short and to the point. I would and have highly recommended this to everyone especially dyslexic or visual learners.

Another thing I really like is that it presents difficult concepts (ks3 electricity) in an easy to understand way so that a child that often feels stupid can have the feeling of success of really grasping it. Make more please!’ Janine Archer, parent.
‘I am so overwhelmed with how good everything is, even better than expected. The board games are so well thought out, and beautiful, even down to the boxes. My son, is really enjoying the topic book, it’s a joy to do it with him, and he has remembered most of it. There is definitely something in your way of learning, I can remember what we have done so far, and picture in my head the part of the page’s colour and picture.

Even though I’ll be getting the digital subscription, I’m going to also get the topic books to go alongside it. I think it’s good to have both as I like the tangible game and workbook that comes with it.

Thank you for bringing us your wonderful resources, it’s such a lovely way to learn for the children, we love it so much.’ Tracey, home educator.


‘Firstly, I’m so happy with my recent order and would love to see more KS1 history, we really enjoyed the Great fire of London pack. Everyone learnt from it and remembered it all too. Can’t wait to order more!! My KS2 sons are enjoying the human body pack also, fascinating!! Thank you, it’s a great idea.’ Caroline, home educator.


‘I’m really excited about these for my son as I think he learns like myself and the format of the books looks so great‘ Gemma, home educator.


I’ve recently ordered your Nelson Mandela topic pack and had to contact you to congratulate you on such a fabulous resource. I’m a home educator and have only just discovered Oaka Books but I’m massively impressed. In the few days since we received our pack I’ve recommended it to so very many people, some have ordered, others are considering and one is in the USA looking for stockists!! As a community this is just what we need and personally I plan to use one or two topic packs monthly, they’re absolutely perfect for us. I cannot praise them enough. Keep up the good work. I think we are possibly your new #1 fans!’ Melanie, parent and home educator. 


‘Your Nelson Mandela topic pack is fantastic! Kids really love that it is interactive, especially love the boardgame. Keep up the brill work!’ Lou, home educator.


‘I recently purchased several of the packs for my sons who are in year 7, KS3. The topic books and revision maps have been brilliant for my son who has autism, as they are easy to follow and have key language and are to the point. My other son who also has special educational needs has used them to revise a science topic and has just come home after achieving joint second top position in the class for a test. I am absolutely delighted with your resources and hope that by informing others that you can help other children and continue to add to your current resources. Thank you.’ Rachel Stephens, parent.


‘We used your products for our CE revision and they were really brilliant. Do you happen to know of anything similar that we could use for GCSE ?? Thank you for making our lives a little easier during a very stressful time.’ Jayne Goss, parent.


 ‘I would like to say how good these books have been to me. I used to suffer with science a lot and these give me a lot of confidence, which I’ve never had before. I’ve got Auditory Processing Disorder and I thought it was impossible to even know a single fact about science but since I got these I’ve had a lot of faith and know that it is possible. Thank-you for such lovely books you have created and I look forward to buying new ones’. Skye Jones, pupil.


“These packs are just what my dyslexic students needed to be able to fully engage with the topic. They have been such a success!”  Lynne Bostock, The Learning Loft.


“My son and I are using Oaka Books to revise for his Common Entrance History exam and find the Battle of Hastings revision pack an extremely helpful tool. Felix is greatly enjoying the visual and interactive aspect of the pack. As a reluctant revisor the colourful nature of the material really engages his interest and has produced enthusiasm! We’ve both find it very easy and straightforward to use. I will definitely be ordering more books from this series and can’t wait to try the Geography and Science books next.”  Lizzie Harvey, Parent.


“I have been playing (with my own 10 year old child) the Henry VIII and His Wives pack. He has had a great time and he HATES learning. I cannot wait to get more packs. Thank you for this wonderful tool!”  A Mum and Learning Support Assistant.