Topic Packs and Revision Guides designed to help Visual Learners

Common Entrance and Key Stage 1, 2 and 3

New Science Topic Packs for CE and KS3

The Summer holidays are a great time to get together with the kids and bring learning to life with fun activities you can all do together. Download our FREE guide to some interesting (and educational) things to do that are all linked to the curriculum. We also have a FREE Olympic information sheet and historical timeline - perfect to pin up in the kitchen with the BIG EVENT coming soon!

Is the Oaka visual learning system right for you?

Does your child struggle with lots of text on a page? Is he or she 'put off' at the sight of a big subject revision guide? If so, Oaka Topic Packs might be just what you are looking for. Our packs are being used to help hundreds of children achieve their potential with our unique revision guides designed for visual learners. You can read some of our reviews here.

Are our packs simple and concise? Yes, of course. Do they cover curriculum topics for Common Entrance and KS3, KS2 and KS1? Yes they do. We are often asked this as the packs present visual information in such an easy to understand way that people (mistakenly) think they are too easy! That's exactly our aim. To make curriculum based topics easy for everyone with our fantastic range of visual learning guides. We will be working hard this year to complete our Science and Geography ranges and expand our new Maths topics.

Our curriculum based Topic Packs are designed for visual learners, they are colourful, fully illustrated, clearly laid out. They include memory maps, glossaries of key words and terms and the Oaka Active Learning Maps (with character cards) or Games (with flashcards).

Written by subject and SEN teachers, our visual learning packs are designed to help engage and interest children who find school work challenging. As with many visual learners your child may have reading, concentration or processing issues but they still need to keep up with their work and not be left behind in these all important Key Stage years. We are now working with the ISEB and our Common Entrance guides will soon gain accreditation from them.

Over 36 Oaka Topic Packs (CE/KS3) can help your child by using our visual learning system to understand key topics for Common Entrance and KS3. We also have 7 KS1 and KS2 History packs to help children engage in those early years. In addition, we have recently launched three KS2 Science topic packs as well as free audio downloads to accompany our French topic packs.

The Oaka System helps visual learners retain focus and interest. Three methods of learning in each Topic Pack increase the long term memory recall needed for exams as well as presenting information in a clear and easy to understand format.

Our learning and revision guides have been produced following guidelines from the British Dyslexia Association. This year our CE/KS3 range was shortlisted for the Education Resource Award and we supply over 350 schools in the UK and abroad.

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