🌟 We’re Hiring: International Agents Needed! 🌍

Join our growing team at Oaka Books and help us expand our educational impact! We’re looking for enthusiastic and driven international agents, particularly in Africa and Asia, who are passionate about transforming educational experiences. Work on a commission-only basis and earn directly from your efforts!

What We Provide 🎁

  • Product Samples & Promotional Resources: We’ll equip you with samples of our innovative Oaka Topic Packs and other promotional materials to showcase at trade shows, conferences, and various events.
  • Attractive Commission: Earn a commission on every sale made within your designated territory—your success is directly rewarded!

Your Role 🚀

  • Event Promotion: Regularly attend local events and use the Oaka resources to actively promote our products.
  • Lead Management: Follow up on leads we send your way to maximise sales opportunities in your region.
  • Sales Tracking: Keep us updated with your sales progress and market insights, helping us tailor our support to meet your needs.

Ideal Candidate ✨

  • Already active in local trade shows and business events.
  • A self-starter with a knack for sales and strong communication skills.
  • Able to incorporate and adapt our educational philosophy into their sales strategy.

📘 About Oaka Books

At Oaka Books, we’re dedicated to making learning accessible and enjoyable. Our Oaka Topic Packs are designed with vibrant illustrations and clear, concise language to enhance understanding for children who find traditional textbooks overwhelming. Features like memory maps, glossaries, and our unique Oaka Active Learning Maps make learning interactive and effective.

Our packs are crafted with attention to detail, including text in Comic Sans on soothing pale blue or yellow backgrounds to minimise visual stress. Each pack includes a “Write Your Own Notes” booklet and an engaging Active Learning Game, perfect for testing knowledge in a fun and supportive way.

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Join us in bringing education to life with Oaka Books! Let’s light up the learning landscape together! 🌟📚