Oaka Books In the Press 📰

Discover how Oaka Books is making headlines! Our innovative approach to educational resources for children, especially those with learning differences, has caught the attention of various media outlets. Below you can explore a selection of articles that feature our contributions and stories.

Entrepreneurial Success Stories

Meet the Mum Who Found Business Success Helping Her Dyslexic Daughter
Discover the personal story behind Oaka Books, started by a mom determined to help her dyslexic daughter succeed in school.

Chichester Entrepreneur Awarded with a WOW Badge by CEO of Ann Summers
Recognition of our innovative approach by leading business figures.

Educational Insights and Advice

What Parents Can Do to Help Their Child Learn More Effectively in School
Insights from our founder on supporting children with learning challenges.

Helping Your Dyslexic Pupils With Their Christmas Revision
Practical tips for teachers to assist dyslexic students during the festive season.

Supporting Students with Dyslexia in the Home Environment
Advice for parents on creating a supportive learning environment at home.

Exploring Educational Labels

What’s in a Label?
An exploration of how labels affect our perception of educational needs and how Oaka Books approaches learning differences with understanding and innovation.

Media Recognition and Awards

Startup of the Year 2014: Oaka Books
A look at how Oaka Books was honored as Startup of the Year, showcasing our impact on educational publishing.

Special Features

Making a Difference for Children with Special Needs
Our approach to creating accessible educational materials that cater to children with various learning needs.

Mumpreneur Profile: Bambi of Oaka Books
A profile of our founder, highlighting her journey and the challenges overcome in the process.

Changing Production for a Good Cause

Publisher Switches Production to PPE Visors for NHS
During the COVID-19 pandemic, we adapted our production lines to create PPE visors for NHS staff, demonstrating our commitment to community support.