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What can Oaka do for you, your class and your school?

Volume Discounts for Teachers

Are you buying Oaka Books resources for your pupils? Register for a teacher account and access volume discounts when you buy our resources for multiple pupils – or even for your whole class!

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Oaka Digital – Online learning for schools

Oaka Digital is our online learning platform that gives your pupils access to all our topic packs.

Licences are available for schools that allows your pupils access at school and at home.

Book a demo with us to see how Oaka Digital would work in your school.

How can Oaka help in your school?

Our resources are perfect for use in the classroom for the entire class – or just for small group work or SEN pupils.

With Oaka Books, you can help your pupils access the content they need in order to learn effectively.

Book a quick 15 minute call with us to find out more about how Oaka could help in your school.

How to use Oaka in your classroom…

Oaka topic packs help children learn, process and remember information using three different learning techniques – reading, writing and active recall of information.

We suggest the topic packs are used in the following way:

Read the Topic Booklet

The booklets give key facts laid out in a clear, easy to follow format. Each point is supported with an illustration, helping those with weaker comprehension and processing skills.

Benefit: Many of your less confident pupils will be able to work independently but still complete the task with a good degree of understanding.

Write Your Own Notes

The workbook that comes with each topic pack requires pupils to go back over the information they have read in the topic booklet to complete the booklet. This can be done either from memory, using the word bank to help or even referring back to the topic booklet.

The pages are the same as the topic booklet with the same images to give pupils a visual prompt and help embed information connected to an image.

Benefit: Pupils will be able to work independently, they are not left looking at a blank sheet of paper and they can gain confidence by being able to complete the task.

Active Learning Games and Maps

History topic packs generally contain an Active Learning Map with character cards.

Other packs generally contain an Active Learning Game with Q&A cards,

Pupils can use the active learning maps to re-enact historical events, working individually or in small groups to retell the story, each taking a different role. They can add accents, rhymes to help them really engage with the events and aid memory recall. Q&A cards enable them to test one another and quickly and easily practise spaced information retrieval.

Benefit: Active Learning Games can be used in small groups as a plenary to embed and consolidate information. The use of small groups will encourage less able pupils to engage more in the activity.