‘I’ve recently ordered your Nelson Mandela topic pack and had to contact you to congratulate you on such a fabulous resource.

I'm a home educator and have only just discovered Oaka Books but I'm massively impressed. In the few days since we received our pack I've recommended it to so very many people, some have ordered, others are considering and one is in the USA looking for stockists!!

As a community this is just what we need and personally I plan to use one or two topic packs monthly, they're absolutely perfect for us. I cannot praise them enough.

Keep up the good work. I think we are possibly your new #1 fans!’ Melanie, parent and home educator.


'I recently purchased several of the packs for my sons who are in year 7, KS3. The topic books and revision maps have been brilliant for my son who has autism, as they are easy to follow and have key language and are to the point.

My other son who also has special educational needs has used them to revise a science topic and has just come home after achieving joint second top position in the class for a test.

I am absolutely delighted with your resources and hope that by informing others that you can help other children and continue to add to your current resources. 

Thank you.' Rachel Stephens, parent.


'We used your products for our CE revision and they were really brilliant. Do you happen to know of anything similar that we could use for GCSE ?? Thank you for making our lives a little easier during a very stressful time.' Jayne Goss, parent.


‘I would like to say how good these books have been to me. I used to suffer with science a lot and these give me a lot of confidence, which I've never had before. I've got Auditory Processing Disorder and I thought it was impossible to even know a single fact about science but since I got these I've had a lot of faith and know that it is possible. Thank-you for such lovely books you have created and I look forward to buying new ones’. Skye Jones, pupil.


"We have begun to use some of the packs for Geography, History and French and the response so far from teachers and pupils has been hugely positive. Teachers have welcomed the clarity and strength of the visual representation of information and have found the packs immediately straightforward to use in their lessons and for individual study. The mind mapping, key points, and games are all fantastic strategies to support all learners. A wonderful resource for pupils, teachers and parents too!"  Sarah Eastaugh, Head of Learning Support, Abingdon Prep School


"The children are enthusiastic to use them. When boys come in from the rugby pitch at lunchtime asking if they can play ‘On the Map’, a global location revision game for Key Stage 3 & Common Entrance, you know you have found a top-class product!

Teachers are provided with instant display materials for the classroom. The quality of the illustrations is first-class and visually attractive to all learners. Those who find learning a challenge find that topics like the Peasants’ Revolt come to life by using the Active Revision Maps and cut-out characters. These products are ideal for visual and kinaesthetic learners and condense topics into memorable and easy-to-understand stories."  Helen Pasley, Director of SEN (Leap), Edgeborough School


"I would like to write to you to say how pleased we are with our recent purchases and say how we would highly recommend Oaka Books for the following reasons: Information is presented in a number of multisensory ways; the product has assisted our pupils with revision for the Common Entrance examinations, in particular the boys In the Learning Support Department, who need Interactive revision to consolidate their learning; the resources support the work of the teachers and pupils in a fun, bright, colourful and memorable way."  Bridie Heath-Walker, Head of Learning Support, Lochinver House School


"(Pupils) self-esteem has been boosted by the 'map' or game that 'tests' their knowledge, when they are surprised by the fact that they can actually remember the facts. They don't realise they are learning!! The pupils have raved so much about the revision packs that colleagues teaching a variety of subject teachers have also purchased them to help support their lessons. Unlike other revision packs, the Oaka ones have that 'hands-on' approach that creates a better understanding of the topic.

They have been extremely well thought out. The quality of the resources in the revision pack is superb and well-priced."  Mrs. Susanna Ogden, Head of Skills Development, Aysgarth School Trust Limited                                            


“The resources were clear, colourful and easy to understand. It gave [our] department an edge when it came to delivering lessons to those sets who would normally find accessing information difficult.”  Colm Atkinson, Head of History at Forge Valley Community School


“I tried out the sample pack in a one to one session with a boy who was really struggling and was not engaged at all in his learning. He loved the whole thing and it totally changed our session together. Thank you!”  SENCo, Secondary School


“I have international pupils in my lessons and have been trying to find resource material that allows them to access history. The Oaka products have been absolutely perfect in allowing them access the topics. I can only hope they produce more resource material on medieval England. Our EAL department is delighted with the resources.”
Andrew Finch, Perrott Hill School


“These packs are just what my dyslexic students needed to be able to fully engage with the topic. They have been such a success!”  Lynne Bostock, The Learning Loft


“I just love this! The colours, the images, the layout, everything makes it easy for our pupils to access the information. This is just what we need to get children interested.”  Classroom Assistant, Primary School


“This is the best teaching resource I’ve seen in a long, long time. The use of colour and images make our children actually want to open the books and read them. Please let us know when you have other subjects.”  SENCo, Secondary School


“My son and I are using Oaka Books to revise for his Common Entrance History exam and find the Battle of Hastings revision pack an extremely helpful tool. Felix is greatly enjoying the visual and interactive aspect of the pack. As a reluctant revisor the colourful nature of the material really engages his interest and has produced enthusiasm! We've both find it very easy and straightforward to use. I will definitely be ordering more books from this series and can't wait to try the Geography and Science books next.”  Lizzie Harvey, Parent at Westbourne House School


“I have been playing (with my own 10 year old child) the Henry VIII and His Wives pack. He has had a great time and he HATES learning. I cannot wait to get more packs. Thank you for this wonderful tool!”  A Mum and Learning Support Assistant


“Super pack! Allows a variety of activities that are interactive. Very visual and students really enjoyed using the materials - they were colourful and fun.”  Maggie Smith, Head of History at Forest Hall School


“Fantastic, so accessible to students and visually appealing.”  Jacqueline Hadley, Head of History at Moon Hall College