KS2 History: The Roman Empire

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This is a fully illustrated Topic Pack for KS2 pupils, covering:

  • The legend of Rome.
  • The people of the Roman Empire.
  • Important buildings of Ancient Rome.
  • Roman leisure activities.
  • Chariot Racing.
  • Gladiators.
  • Roman Villas.
  • Roman Baths.
  • Gods, Goddesses and Religion.
  • Just how big the Roman Empire was and the modern countries it would have included?

The Topic Pack includes: 

  • Topic Booklet with Glossary of Key Words and Memory Map.
  • Active Learning Maps of a Roman Villa and Roman Baths.
  • Pop out Character cards to help pupils find their way around a Roman Villa and Roman Baths.
  • Write Your Own Notes illustrated booklet with a Design a Poster page.

This Key Stage 2 topic pack will help children grasp the key points about the Roman Empire. From all of the different Gods to important buildings in Ancient Rome. Using an active learning game character cards and illustrations your child will stay engaged and interested in all the different details of Roman life and the Roman Empire.