KS2 History: Roman Britain

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This is a fully illustrated topic pack for KS2 pupils, covering:

  • Why Britain became a good place to live.
  • The design of new Roman towns.
  • The introduction of running water, toilets and baths.
  • Building of Roman roads and why they were important.
  • Roman ruins, archaeologists, artefacts and what they tell us.
  • Hadrian’s Wall, why it was built and who lived there.
  • The legacy of the Romans in Britain.


The Topic Pack includes: 

  • Topic Booklet with Glossary of Key Words.
  • Active Learning Memory Map showing What the Romans Did For Britain.
  • Pop out Character cards to help pupils identify the key things the Romans brought to Britain.
  • Write Your Own Notes illustrated booklet.

This is a Key Stage 2 pack, explaining the effects of the Romans and Life in Britain. Sentences are short and focused, helping your child learn all the key points while colour illustrations bring the topic to life in a fun way. Character cards and an active earning map helps them engage with the topic in a hands-on way.