CE/KS3 Geography: Weather & Climate

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Weather and Climate for Common Entrance/KS3 helps your child understand all the different elements that occur come rain or shine. This Topic pack teaches key points in an interesting and engaging way so that your child enjoys learning. The illustrations highlight key points, making the topic pack more visually exciting, so there is no more learning through plain black and white text. 


This is a fully illustrated revision guide for Common Entrance and KS3 pupils, covering:

  • The difference between weather & climate.
  • Factors affecting weather & climate.
  • Types of rainfall.
  • Weather in the UK.
  • Tropical storms and how they are formed.
  • The Water Cycle.

This pack includes:

  • Revision Booklet with Glossary of Key Terms.
  • Active Revision Game.
  • Question & Answer Flashcards.
  • Write Your Own Notes illustrated booklet.

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