CE/KS3 Science: Chemistry: Heating & Cooling

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Another one of our great Common Entrance & Key Stage 3 science collection that will help your child memorise all the key points about heating & cooling. From using radiation to how thermometers work, this topic pack is great to keep your child engaged and interested, whilst preparing for exams at the same time. 

This is a fully illustrated revision guide for CE/KS3 pupils, covering:

  • Heat and temperature
  • Temperature measurement
  • Changing state and the Particle Model
  • How thermometers work
  • Energy flow
  • Conduction
  • Convection
  • Radiation
  • Insulators
  • Energy movement through liquids and gases
  • Expansion
  • Density
  • The space vacuum and radiation

The Topic Pack includes: 

  • Revision Booklet with Glossary of Key Terms.
  • Active Revision Game.
  • Question & Answer Flashcards.
  • Write Your Own Notes illustrated booklet.