CE/KS3: History: The Peasants' Revolt (and Medieval Life in Towns & for Women)

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This fully illustrated story for Common Entrance pupils is laid out to make sure your child doesn't get bored and stays engaged throughout the topic Pack. By using active learning maps and pictures alongside the key points of the story, your child will know everything they need for their exams while maintaining their interest. 


This is a fully illustrated revision guide for Common Entrance and KS3 pupils, covering:

  • The causes of the Peasants’ Revolt.
  • The events of the revolt.
  • How the Peasants’ Revolt improved life for the peasants.
  • Medieval life in towns – their control, design and development.
  • Life for women in the middle ages.

This pack includes:

  • Topic Booklet with Memory Maps and Glossary of Key Terms
  • Active Learning Maps showing the events of the Peasants's Revolt.
  • Character Sheets and plastic stands.
  • Write Your Own Notes illustrated booklet.
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