Life of a Dyslexic

We are delighted to welcome Sophie as our new blogger. As a 21 year old dyslexic, Sophie has been through it all and now wants to help other young dyslexics on their journey to finding their ‘why’ and being able to shine.  Here is her first post for you

How to Beat the Forgetting Curve

With revision time well and truly upon us again, understanding the most effective revision techniques is essential to avoid wasting time and increasing stress levels.   Back in the late 19 century a German psychologist, Hermann Ebbinghaus studied how quickly we forget things. The result of his investigations was the ‘Forgetting Curve’. This basically demonstrates…

Why Teaching Dyslexic Children to Read is Not the Solution

‘While learning to read, and having good levels of literacy, are undoubtedly important, I don’t believe this is the whole solution,’ Bambi Gardiner, Founder of Oaka Books, explains why teaching a dyslexic child to read does not solve the problem.

You Don’t Need to Be Einstein!

The Government’s 2014-15 statistics showed that children with special educational needs (SEN) and learning disabilities accounted for just over half of all school exclusions.  Over 700,000 children in our education system are dyslexic as are almost half the people in our prisons. Worrying statistics and a perfect demonstration of the way in which, sadly, SEN…