Learning takes place in cycles, and you need to adopt techniques for converting your notes into something you can use for assignments and revision.

This also helps in ‘beating the forgetting curve’. In other words, you’ve got to avoid the trap of simply forgetting what you’ve learned!

Again, this involves techniques – learn them, and you’ll retain the information you need for later!

Regular revision helps solidify what you’ve learned, which lessens the burden when you have to complete an assignment or sit an exam.

You’ll already be half-way there.

Revision Techniques

Revision is vital for remembering information. Ensure you regularly revise past work to cement it in your memory.

Contrary to what many think, revision isn’t just for exam time. Get into the habit of revising periodically throughout the year.

You’ll thank yourself when it comes to exam time and you realise that you’re one step ahead.

  • Resource Utilisation: Use all available resources like VLE, textbooks, worksheets, and educational videos for a comprehensive understanding.
  • Revision Tools: Create mind maps, revision cards, and even use multi-sensory toolkits like Oaka to make revision more effective.
  • Test Yourself: Practice past papers and set up study groups. This will simulate the exam environment and offer different perspectives on the material.

Beat the Forgetting Curve

The key to beating the forgetting curve is engaging with the material in multiple ways over time. The more you’re exposed to information, the more likely you’ll retain it. 

Utilise brainstorming and mind maps for idea generation. Also, take advantage of peer reviews and teacher feedback to keep refining your drafts and assignments.

Don’t forget to keep enhancing your notes and take every opportunity to interact with the material, whether it’s through revision cards, study groups, or practice tests.

In a nutshell, the real work begins when the lesson ends. Implement these behaviours consistently, and watch your academic performance soar!

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