As mentioned in the prior tip, achieving academic excellence isn’t a matter of innate intelligence but often the result of hard work and adopting certain “success behaviours.”

These behaviours are the golden habits of top A and A* students, and the good news is that they can be cultivated by anyone.

Here’s more about how success behaviours influence the learning process:

First, start your academic journey by discovering your specifications for each subject. This is your roadmap for success and can usually be found online. Remember, knowing where you are going is half the battle won.

On the topic of direction, use your planner to schedule when you’ll tackle each topic. A planner is not just a calendar but your ally in time management, helping you carve out dedicated time slots for focused study.

Now, you’ve planned, but you also need resources. Find a book that resonates with you and offers clarity on subjects. Having a go-to resource can make the learning curve less steep.

Reading the upcoming chapter before each lesson can provide a strong foundation, making it easier to grasp new concepts during class.

Speaking of class, always review your notes from the previous lesson to ensure a seamless learning journey.

Language matters. Understanding command verbs for your subject and exam board helps you decode what exactly is being asked in your exams.

During lessons, actively listen and concentrate, not just on what the teacher says but also on insights from your peers. If something isn’t clear, ask for help right there. You won’t regret it.

Note-taking is an art. Jot down clear notes and always revisit them to identify what you understand and what needs further clarification. After class, read through your textbook and notes, organise them neatly, and start the revision process.

Drafting and redrafting your work helps improve the quality of your output and reinforces your understanding.

Finally, engage in consolidation and retrieval techniques. This could mean highlighting key terms, creating revision cards, joining study groups, or practising past papers.

So, gear up, take responsibility for your learning, and let these Success Behaviours guide you to academic heights.

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