Sports Confidence

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Do you want to help prepare your child for sports at school? Would some of your younger pupils benefit from a little extra guidance on the sports field? Do your 'non sports' teachers have to cover sports lessons at times and need a little help? Our new 'Sports Confidence' booklet may be just what you need. 
Full of superb cartoon style images, Sports Confidence brings key skills to life across a variety of sports and can be read by parents, teachers and children themselves to help get early techniques right.
How you perform in sports at an early age impacts hugely on how you are perceived by your peers. The result of this can be a happy, confident child or a child who is terrified of messing it up when a ball comes towards them.
Being viewed as 'useless' by your peers as early as Years 1 and 2 can have a huge impact on a child's confidence. This is not an uncommon scenario and, sadly, this introduction to school sports stays with them. That's why we have teamed up with Kevin Smith, ex-Sussex county cricketer and Director of Sports at Westbourne House School, to create our 'Sports Confidence' booklet.
Aimed at teachers and parents who may not have the technical knowledge of all sports, our Sports Confidence booklet, gives basic core skills for each of the key sports introduced at school.
Our objective is for children to be able to have an understanding of what they are meant to do, how best to do it and things to practise. With a little preparation, all children can then approach school sports with confidence and the willingness to 'have a go'.
Oaka topic packs are all about confidence in the classroom for struggling pupils. But, this Sports Confidence booklet will help pupils feel able to join in happily on the sports field too. It is very easy for us to make a big difference with just a little bit of knowledge. This booklet will help you to set your child or pupils on course for sporting confidence. Skills included for: football, rugby, tennis, netball, hockey, basketball, running, water confidence.