KS2 History: The Stone Age

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This Key Stage 2 topic pack illustrates all of the information children need to know about The Stone Age in a visually interesting, engaging way. 

The sentences are short, using basic words and structure. The numbered sections and colour illustrations make the Topic Booklet engaging yet simple to read. 

As well as an illustrated Topic Booklet to tell the story of The Stone Age, this pack also includes a Write Your Own Notes Booklet, with illustrations to match the Topic Booklet and blanks for children to fill in to complete the story. The illustrations provide visual prompts help them recall information. The questions in the Write Your Own Notes booklet enable them to complete the task easily, giving a sense of achievement. A timeline activity helps them understand the sequence of events in a visual way.

Once they have completed the Write Your Own Notes booklet, they can use the Active Learning Game and Question Cards to see how much about the Stone Age they can remember. The game can be used by small groups of children or the Q&A cards can be used as a quick quiz or for independent revision of the topic. This is ideal for extension work in the classroom or is a fun way to learn at home.

This is a fully illustrated Topic Pack for KS2 pupils, covering:

  • The 3 periods of The Stone Age.
  • A timeline showing the chronological order of the period.
  • Life for a Stone Age ‘Hunter Gatherer’.
  • Tools used in the early Stone Age.
  • The development of tools during the 3 periods.
  • How Neolithic people began farming and building.
  • Changes in the landscape.
  • The discovery of Skara Brae.
  • Artefacts and archaeologists and what they tell us.
  • Comparisons with life today.

The Topic Pack includes:

  • Revision Booklet with Glossary of Key Terms, Memory Map and Timeline.
  • Active Revision Game about The Stone Age.
  • Question & Answer Flashcards.
  • Write Your Own Notes illustrated booklet.