Oaka Digital Full School Licence

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This licence will enable Oaka Digital to be used by up to 500 pupils across multiple sites.

Price: £599 for 12 month subscription.

It gives you access to all KS3 digital resources for 47 Topics across Sciences, Geography, History and French with over 250 online resources. These can be viewed on PCs, laptops and iPads across multiple sites for up to 500 pupils.

Our digital resources are the perfect addition to our paper-based Topic Packs and include 3D images that you can spin and twirl to examine from all angles, 2 levels of quiz with recordable results and online activities to test knowledge and understanding of each topic.

All updates and additional resources for these packs will be free of charge.

Full School Licence Price: £599 for 12 month subscription.

There is no advertising on any of our online resources.

You can cancel your subscription at any time.