PEE is a common essay technique that helps structure the content itself. PEE consists of three simple steps: 

  • 1. Point – what is your point in this paragraph? 
  • 2. Evidence – is there proof? 
  • 3. Evaluate – what do you think?

Each paragraph or section should make a point, provide evidence for that point, and evaluate it using critical thinking and analysis. Most essays aim to demonstrate knowledge and awareness of different viewpoints. For example, you should consider views for and views against. 

The evidence section of your paragraphs is essential. Here, you can pull in facts, figures, quotes and case studies. The exact evidence you’ll use depends on the subject, but ensure you’ve got plenty of ideas before starting. 

When it comes to evaluation, providing a balanced perspective is critical. You’ll need to weigh up the evidence and illustrate your awareness of how one argument may be more convincing than the other. But, of course, this may not necessarily be the answer you believe in yourself. 

Remain objective and allow yourself to be directed by the evidence. It’s important to highlight that some essays may request more opinion than others, e.g. in English Literature, where interpretations can vary.

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