Essays should always be well-structured. In fact, structure is crucial to all written work, regardless of whether it’s a novel, news article, essay or even a long social media post!

Learning how to structure your writing will vastly improve your overall essay writing skills. Our colour-coded essay planner is a good place to start, you’ll notice the following sections:

  • Essay title
  • Introduction – tell your reader what you are going to talk about
  • Topic Paragraph 1 – with evidence
  • Link sentence – get ready for the next point
  • Topic Paragraph 2 – with evidence
  • Link sentence – get ready for the next point
  • Topic Paragraph 3 – with evidence
  • Conclusion – tell the reader what you have argued in the essay

It’s pretty simple to remember this sort of structure, and it’s suitable for the majority of essay questions. Structure is essential no matter what question you’re answering or the subject you’re writing about.

If you feel lost halfway through your essay and the structure starts to fall apart, take a few minutes to consider what else is left to cover and keep things organised from that point onwards. By planning in advance, you’ll avoid repeating yourself or reaching a dead-end.

By combining planning with structure, the entire writing process will become easier!

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