Once you’ve introduced your point, you’ll need to move on to discussing the core themes, topics, subtopics, argument, evidence, etc. 

The way you structure your point depends on the subject. 

For example, in history, you’ll likely be drawing attention to important events and their effects with reference to case studies, references, and so on. In English, you might be interpreting a passage with reference to one or more popular critiques or descriptions of that passage. 

When you want to enrich your points with information, use some of the following terms and phrases: 

  • Moreover
  • Furthermore
  • Further
  • Again
  • What is more
  • Above all
  • Besides
  • In addition
  • Neither… nor…
  • Not only… but also…
  • Similarly
  • In the same way…
  • Another key thing to remember…

Using an eclectic mix of these terms will help you keep your essay fresh and interesting. They’ll also assist with essay structure, ensuring each point is linked to another so nothing appears fragmented. Aim to create a rhythm or pace that draws the reader in as you weave information together to form a well-structured argument or point.

Besides, you’ll probably get bored too if you use the same phrases over and over again!

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