Essays need structure. If you learn how to structure your work properly, everything suddenly becomes easier!

Non-fiction essays must demonstrate a clear structure that links information and emphasises answers. A clear structure makes an essay easier to write, and it’ll also make it easier to read when someone comes to mark your work. Walk your reader through your work and signpost your key points. Use link phrases to transition between sentences and paragraphs.

Before writing, recall the main subjects/themes/points relevant to the question. These will form your headings, which you’ll elaborate on in each paragraph. The exact structure will differ slightly between subjects but don’t try to overcomplicate things.

Keep the structure simple and make the order easy to follow. This will make the essay easier to write, and it’ll definitely please whoever is marking it!

  • Structure is very important. Don’t start writing before you’ve decided how to structure your work.
  • Take some time to recall the main subjects/themes/points that you’ll need to write about. These will form the basis of your headings and paragraphs.
  • Use transition sentences to close a point and introduce a new one. Summarise the present point and introduce the next one.
  • Structure makes your essay easier to write and easier to read for whoever marks it.

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