Your revision location or environment is essential. It’s always good to have one private, quiet room or location where you can revise, whether your own room, a study or a spare room. The school or public library is great for mixing things up a bit if you get bored of revising in your own home all the time.

While some people might enjoy revising in the company of others, this isn’t for everyone. Instead, find what works for you and come up with your own winning strategy.

As a rule of thumb, make sure your revision space is:

  1. Warm and comfortable
  2. Well lit, preferably with plenty of natural light in the day
  3. Organised with your books and stationery
  4. Free of distractions like games consoles

You’ll also need a clock so you can time your revision sessions. Again, this is really important to keep your sessions well-structured.

You’ll probably find your study getting messier and messier at some point. Ensure you keep things tidy and clean, ensuring all notes are labelled and filed away for your next session.

If you feel uncomfortable or seem to be getting distracted or unfocused, consider relocating your revision space somewhere else for a session or two. As mentioned, it might be worth heading to the library to see if it benefits you – it’s worth a go at the very least!

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