It’s important to periodically review your revision progress. Reflecting on how well things are going will help you improve your strategy.

For example, if you’re making excellent progress after a week, you can relax a little more (that doesn’t mean stop, though!)

If you review your progress and feel that you’re lagging behind – do not panic. Instead, tweak your schedule and review your strategy. For example, you might need to prioritise certain subjects or increase the time you spend revising.

But how can you review your progress? Here are three ways:

  • Write flashcards with key questions on them. Every day, week or month, check your progress using the flashcards. Over time, you should find the questions effortless to answer.
  • Do a past paper each week or so. Over time, the questions should become easier to answer.
  • Get someone to test you each week, or even at the end of every day. If you’re revising successfully, you’ll become more confident at answering them.

Revision takes time. If you feel like you’re not remembering information, then don’t worry! With time, dedication and patience, things will get easier over time! Once you’re answering questions with ease, you’ll know that your revision strategy is working. When you find a winning formula, stick to it.

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