Past papers are a superb way to revise and practice exam questions. As you’ll already know, exam questions come in specific formats, which you’ll have to get used to. Therefore, it’s essential to become familiar with the style and format of exam questions.

You can find loads of past papers online. Download and print a few off and work through them as you revise. You might even find that similar questions come up in the exam as you’ve answered in your past papers!

Also, while some exam questions are straightforward, others will require you to answer in a certain way. Past papers are a great way to ensure that you’re properly reading the question and giving answers which will earn you all-important marks.

  • Past papers will familiarise you with exam-style questions in the same format you’ll find in the exam itself.
  • It’s crucial to read the question properly, or else you might miss something important.
  • Once you give your answer, check it against the marking guidelines and mark the paper yourself, or get someone else to mark it.
  • The more past papers you do, the better, and you might come across similar questions in the real exam!
  • Revise your weakest answers first, and then focus on brushing up your better answers.

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