Revision isn’t just a read-through. As you revise and attend your exams, review everything as you go. That means continually writing notes, looking over your weakest subjects, consolidating your knowledge and unlocking improvements in the way you tackle revision and exams.

Set regular reminders for when to review everything. Keep a diary or a logbook to note down key information, including what you learned from exams that you can apply for future exams.

As well as reviewing your weakest subjects, it’s absolutely essential to reflect on your strengths.

What are you doing right? What question did you ace and why? What kind of exam questions do you find easy? How can you replicate your past successes in future exams and challenges?

Never focus entirely on the negative – reflect on your strengths to grow confidence.

  • Review everything, including revision and exams.
  • Note down your thoughts in a diary.
  • Never focus entirely on the negative – reflect on your strengths.
  • Stay positive – one bad result won’t knock you down, so keep going, even when things get tough!

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