Both exercise and fresh air are vital for concentration and focus. Ensure you keep exercising throughout revision and exam periods – it’ll revitalise you and help you feel fit and strong.

Of course, there’s no need to push things too hard – light to moderate exercise will do. Stay focused and engaged by playing sports and socialising, but avoid too much screen time and late nights!

Regular exercise is proven to boost mood, concentration and focus, making us better at performing tasks and solving problems. Doing light exercise to wake yourself up before your revision or exams is a good strategy, but don’t tire yourself out.

In addition to exercise, fresh air is crucial for boosting concentration. Vitamin D has a proven benefit to our cognitive performance, so make sure you spend enough time in the sun.

  • Do 30 to 40 minutes of light to moderate exercise per day.
  • Get plenty of fresh air and sunlight.
  • Sports and team activities will help you stay engaged.
  • A light workout before exam day can boost your confidence.
  • Combine exercise with a great diet to really boost your performance!

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