It’s essential to eat well and drink well throughout your exams.

Did you know that drinking just 300ml of water can boost your attention by as much as 25%?! Drinking water regularly is a free strategy for enhancing exam performance. In addition, make sure to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables while studying and doing your exams, as these also have proven benefits for your mind.

To boost your concentration, focus and performance:

  • Drink plenty of water, especially when it’s hot.
  • Eat a substantial, healthy breakfast each day.
  • Bring healthy snacks with you to school, such as fruit and nutritional snack bars.
  • Avoid fatty or carb-heavy foods.
  • Eat during your breaks, but don’t overeat – keep things light and healthy.

While healthy foods are proven to boost concentration, fatty and carb-heavy foods actually slow us down. Avoid eating heavy meals early in the day, except for a substantial and healthy breakfast. Cereals are great – especially wholegrain cereals.


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