As mentioned in the previous tip, it’s important to focus on getting marks.

Some questions are worth many more points than others, and while they’re usually harder and more time-consuming, they’re worth starting nice and early. For example, if you find a high-mark question that you’re confident with, it’s a good idea to get it out of the way early on. That way, you know you have some marks in the bank!

You may also find some tough questions. In this situation, you have two options:

  • You try to tackle the question head-on, while you’re still fresh at the start of the exam.
  • You leave the question until later, when you might find it easier.

In either situation, you have to be strategic about how long you spend on each question. Being conscious of the time enables you to move on when you’re having difficulties. If you have to skip forward and backwards through the paper, ensure you’re picking up as many marks as possible.

While longer, high-mark questions are where the bulk of marks are earned, you may also find many super-quick marks to pick up on easy questions. Don’t ignore the easy 1-mark questions, as they’ll all add up!

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