Picture it now. You enter the exam hall, sit down in silence and get your stationery out on the table. You’ll probably have to sit there for a few minutes until the teachers and invigilators tell you that you can open your paper and start.

For some, this period is nerve-wracking – your palms might start to get sweaty! So, take this time to take a few deep breaths and remind yourself that you’re well prepared and ready to go. You can do it!

Once the exam starts, some like to read through the paper at least once, highlighting key sections. Others like to crack on straight away, highlighting difficult questions and returning to those later.

Skipping questions is another technique you can use to avoid getting bogged down. If you need to skip a question, come back to it later, and you might find it much more manageable. Check how many marks questions are worth – it’s often worth prioritising the easiest high-mark questions. For example, in a geography paper, you might wish to skip to your favourite topics and come back to the harder ones later (or the other way around).

  • Some people like to get stuck in immediately.
  • Others prefer to read through the paper once or twice, highlighting key points.
  • Depending on the subject, you don’t have to start with question one on all papers.
  • Write notes and highlight questions and keywords to stay on track.

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