Keeping track of your revision is paramount. Create a big checklist with every single possible topic and subtopic in order.

As you work through your revision plans, tick off the subjects as you work through them. However, it’s essential to not tick off a subject too early if you’re not 100% there yet. Instead of having a single tick box for each topic, add three options:

  • Started
  • Topic covered
  • Confident

Creating a comprehensive tick list lets you quickly see how many topics you’ve covered while not lulling yourself into a false sense of security.

Ticking off topics as you learn is an excellent way of boosting your confidence. Once you’ve covered over half of your topics, the next half will seem like a breeze!

In general, keeping organised and staying on track throughout the revision process is super-important. Otherwise, you’ll just end up in a mess, which results in frustration.

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