You guessed it – phones are a big no-no when it comes to revision. There’s simply no place for phones or social media when revising.

Phones are the ultimate distraction – the enemy of concentration and focus! The problem with phones is, it’s just far too easy to pick them up and start scrolling. The moment you pick your phone up, you’ll start wasting your revision time without making any meaningful progress.

Here’s a 5-step plan for shutting your phone out of your life when you revise:

  1. Get up in the morning and use your phone as normal before you revise. Message friends and let them know you’ll be revising (this will help motivate them too!).
  2. Turn your phone off before heading into your revision room or study, or put it on silent (not vibrate!) and leave it somewhere else in your home. Keeping your phone separate from your studies is the best way to disconnect. Don’t make up excuses that you need it for the time or for some other purpose!
  3. When you stop for lunch, use your phone as normal. Just make sure you use it outside of your study time.
  4. If you use a laptop, computer or tablet for revision, then sign out of your social media accounts. Avoid using YouTube for music listening.
  5. You can use websites such as Cold Turkey, which are designed to block games, social media and other applications when studying or working.

Invite your family to help you stay away from distractions when you’re revising. It’ll be easier than you think! Oh, and one more thing, don’t overcompensate for lost browsing time just before bed!

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