KS1 History: Great Fire of London

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No classroom or home should be without this 3 part Topic Pack! One of London's most historic moments is a must for all children. This Key stage 1 topic pack will help your child learn all the key events of the Great Fire of London.

The sentences are short, using basic words and structure. The numbered sections and colour illustrations make the Topic Booklet engaging yet simple to read; it is ideal for struggling readers.

As well as an illustrated Topic Booklet to tell the story, the pack also includes a Write Your Own Notes Booklet, with illustrations to match the Topic Booklet and blanks for children to fill in to complete the story. The visual prompts help them recall information and the workbook enables them to complete the task easily, giving a sense of achievement. A cut out timeline activity helps them understand the sequence of events in a visual way.

Once they have completed the Write Your Own Notes booklet, they can use the Active Learning Map and character cards to see how much  of the story they can remember. Questions around the map prompt them and the character cards provide visual answers to re-enact events. The Active Learning Map brings the story to life in a kinaesthetic way and the physical movement of the character cards really helps engage children and reinforce their learning.

This is a fully illustrated Topic Pack for KS1 pupils, covering: 

  • The cause of the Great Fire.
  • Why the fire spread so fast.
  • How people tried to escape.
  • How they attempted to put the fire out.
  • Samuel Pepys and his diary of the fire.
  • How the fire was finally stopped.
  • Who was blamed for the fire.
  • The good and bad effects of the fire.

The Topic Pack includes: 

  • Revision Booklet with Glossary of Key Words.
  • Active Learning Memory Map showing the events of the Great Fire.
  • Pop out Character cards to help pupils identify the causes, events and results of the Great Fire.
  • Write Your Own Notes illustrated booklet with blank spaces for pupils to complete.