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We’ve discussed the practice of mindfulness for learners on the blog previously and another tool to help children better understand themselves is the mood diary. A mood diary helps to build up a picture of when certain feelings might be triggered. It’s as much about positive feelings as negative. We all see our productivity, concentration, alertness and creativity change through the day. Early birds and night owls are a well-known example. But getting to know that about yourself can be tricky. It can be muddled by what we want to be, what other people want us to be, and how...

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At this point in a child’s life exams may be the most stressful thing they have experienced. They don’t have the learned skills or the full emotional and intellectual development to handle the pressure. More and more schools and families are invoking mindfulness – the practice of self-awareness – to deal with bad behaviour or anxiety around exam time. Stress and anxiety block the brain from higher functions of impulse control and from recalling the knowledge needed during exams. Similar to the fight or flight reaction it can also involve freezing, a paralysis of the mind and an inability to...

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  The brain is a funny thing, working in mysterious ways. It controls not only our movements but also every decision we make.  However, although many things we do are dictated by outside forces, the way in which we choose to react is up to us. This is our ‘mind set’.  Your mind set plays a major role in your attitudes, belief and confidence.  It is now thought that mind sets can either create, or get in the way of, success. Mind sets are spilt into two categories: a fixed mind set and the new theory of the growth mind...

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