It is finally that time of year that all the kids love so much, the summer holidays! For many children this is the time where there is no school work and it is all about fun and games. On the other hand who’s to say that some methods of learning can’t be fun as well? Mention ‘education’ to your children during the holidays and you can be pretty sure it will be groaned at or worse. However, there is plenty of research to show that it is definitely a wise idea to keep your kids in touch with learning throughout the holidays. Making that learning fun is obviously the key. Back to school in September creeps up on us all and, for many, the summer holidays fly past leaving you thinking ‘where has the time gone?’.

Within the holidays parents may need to take a more subtle approach about activities that have learning involved in them, as most children see this time as their right to enjoy themselves and not think about school. This especially goes for child with dyslexic and students who find school work challenging. Hopefully by keeping them learning throughout the holidays in a fun way, they will be ahead of the game come September and will have more confidence in themselves.

This can be done in so many ways, whether it’s a family trip out to the museum to learn about history or even an educational board game a few nights a week after dinner.  Using a curriculum based quiz or board game repeatedly will help a struggling child gain confidence as they are able to answer more and more questions.  Making learning become a fun part of everyday life and family time can help them have a more positive perspective on learning.  It could possibly even help your child with dyslexia develop a strategy, so come September they’ve found the way that helps them learn to the best of their ability.

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