The introduction is extremely important for any essay or long answer.

By providing a great introduction, you’ll set the tone for the rest of the essay and guide the reader through your intentions and main points.

Firstly, you should try to summarise the title in a couple of lines. So, if your title is something like “Explain the benefits and costs of deindustrialisation in rural areas”, you can write something like:

“Deindustrialisation is the process of reducing industrial activity. Countries that rely less on their own industry may choose to dismantle and remove rural industry, and this has both benefits and drawbacks.”

Use that as a springboard to demonstrate knowledge of the history of industrialisation.

You might discuss why rural areas may rate as either a good alternative to urban areas, or a poor alternative and the arguments for and against.

You can summarise the main arguments for and against in the intro, like benefiting the environment, losing jobs, etc. Hint at further knowledge, e.g. you could mention a case study or an important source. Your introduction should link to the conclusion too. You might want to leave some empty space in the introduction in case you want to add or change something later.

Ensure your introduction relates to the question and don’t make it too long, around two to three paragraphs will do.

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