There is no best time to revise, and everyone is different. It’s important to find the time of day where your focus is highest and to take advantage of that time.

Bear in mind that if you review too late at night, you might not sleep properly, which will also affect your learning and memory. Some people learn very well in the early morning just after waking up, but others find it easier to concentrate between around 10am and 2pm.

Generally, it’s best to revise when you’re feeling awake and alert. By breaking down your revision sessions, you can maintain high concentration for longer. If you start feeling sluggish, take that as a cue to stop and take a break. Forcing yourself to revise when you’re tired will result in diminishing returns.

The most important thing here is making sure you actually revise! Sure, if you’re a morning person, then it’s good to start early, but that doesn’t mean you should stop as soon as the clock chimes midday!

If you prefer to revise later in the day, make sure you leave plenty of time to rest and relax before bed.

  • Pick your revision times and add them to your schedule.
  • Try and work out when you’re most alert – make the most out of this time.
  • Don’t revise too close to bedtime.

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