Achieving academic success often comes down to adopting certain “success behaviours,” rather than merely relying on innate intelligence.

These behaviours form the cornerstone of how top-performing pupils approach their educational journey.

It’s a strategy that can benefit all pupils, not just those who already excel. In fact, encouraging behavioural change is one of the most effective ways to move pupils from a more fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

  • Before Lessons:
    • Use Your Specifications: Refer to your exam specifications to understand what will be covered, acting as a roadmap for the lesson ahead.
    • Customise Your Planner: Prepare your planner to fit your academic needs; it will help you stay organised.
    • Read the Book Chapter: Pre-reading material allows you to come into the lesson with a solid grounding.
  • During Lessons:
    • Listen Intently: Active listening to both teachers and peers is crucial.
    • Ask for Help: If you’re confused, seek clarification immediately.
    • Make Clear Notes: Good note-taking helps you absorb and revisit material later.
    • Identify Comprehension Levels: Note what you do and don’t understand for future revision.
  • After Lessons:
    • Organise Notes: File and organise your notes for easier revision.
    • Draft and Redraft: Your first draft isn’t your final one; refine your work to form a better understanding.
  • Consolidation and Retrieval: This involves various techniques:
    • Highlight keywords
    • Make revision cards, mind maps, or models
    • Watch supporting videos
    • Use virtual learning environments (VLE)
    • Work through past papers
    • Join study groups
    • Consult your teacher for further guidance

By adopting success behaviours, you’re not just hoping for good grades; you’re taking active steps to achieve them.

It’s all about preparation, participation, and follow-through.

Often improvements in grades naturally reflect this systematic, proactive approach, and the best thing is that it offers everyone a realistic path towards academic achievement.

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