The Oaka System

Does your child find it hard to read pages and pages of text or does your child suffer from dyslexia?

Do images help your child remember information?

If your answer is yes to either of these questions, then the Oaka Books Learning System might be just what you need. Oaka resources present curriculum subject modules in bite sized topics, making them easy for all pupils to access and digest, irrespective of their reading ability.

Created by the mother of a dyslexic, Oaka topic packs are written by subject teachers and dyslexia specialists. The Oaka Revision System is designed to be visually interesting, clear, concise and, most importantly, engaging for all children but especially for SEN children with dyslexia or information processing issues.

One (short) topic at a time.

Our revision and learning guides are topic specific which makes them short and focused, covering key points to help your child gain marks in exams.  

The Oaka Books System is designed to make your child learn using three different methods.  This synaptic strengthening increases long term memory recall which is exactly what is needed in those all important exam situations.

Our booklets can be hole punched to slot into school folders so the information is always to hand.

The 3 Steps to Learning Success


Step 1: Read our cartoon style topic booklet. This highly illustrated, bullet point booklet highlights the key facts, making the points clear and easy to follow.


Step 2: In our History Packs, pop out the characters and answer the questions using the Active Learning Map. Use your answers to move the characters into place around the map as you answer the questions. The more your child can bring the story to life, the better their recall will be.

This engagement really helps to visualise the events, clarify what happened and to understand causes and consequences.

Other packs include an Active Learning Game, complete with Question & Answer Flashcards.


Step 3: Using the blank Write Your Own Notes booklet, your child can write their own revision notes.