Science Scramble – 3 Great New Board Games!

We have three great new games for September 2017.

Science Scramble Biology – PRE ORDER NOW

Science Scramble Chemistry – PRE ORDER NOW

Science Scramble Physics – PRE ORDER NOW

These fun boardgames will help reinforce key facts from each of the CE/KS3 syllabuses, making revision fun and, therefore, more effective.

Repetition is key to moving facts from our short term to our long term memories and these three games are engaging resources, perfect for classroom, boarding house or home use. 

Each of the games includes over 100 Q&A cards with questions for each of the syllabus modules. In addition, the games include 26 blank cards for you to create your own specific questions to ensure your child or pupils nail those facts they struggle with.

Each game costs £24.97. 

These products are being launched in September. We anticipate considerable demand for them so you can request your copies now by pre-ordering.