Kinesthetic learners learn by doing things. This rare type of learner benefits from an active style of revision that involves everything from making models to drawing, art, performance and debate.

Kinesthetic learners are excellent at following instructions and prefer to be immersed in what they do. If you can, get out to a library, or even better, a museum. Create models, maps, drawings and interactive learning aids like puzzles.

Get other people involved in your learning. If your friends are revising too, talk to them and create a story around your topics.

  • Make models, puzzles and other interactive learning aids.
  • Create a story that incorporates your subjects. You could do this for practically any subject, whether it’s a geography-themed adventure or a journey throughout history.
  • Get other people involved, whether that’s your friends or family.
  • Create flashcards, stand up and move around while you learn.
  • Attach learning aids to different parts of your house to learn as you move around each day.

Don’t be afraid to inject energy and enthusiasm into your revision if you’re a kinesthetic learner!

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