Auditory learners learn best by speaking and listening. If you’re an auditory listener, you might prefer discussing subjects in class rather than writing from a textbook.

Revising as an auditory listener might seem tricky. It’s definitely worth exploring podcasts and audiobooks, and you can record your notes as you go, listening back on them in your spare time.

Get someone to talk to you about your revision. Talk them through each subject and have them quiz and test them on your answers. You could even create a quiz game with family and friends.

  • Divide topics into small chunks that you can read out.
  • Repeat keywords, dates and other important information.
  • Get someone to ask you questions about your revision.
  • Record your notes.

If you’re an auditory learner, it’s crucial to revise in a quiet space free from ambient noise and distractions. Ask someone to help you by testing you or just listening to you. If you know someone who has knowledge in your subject, be it a friend or family member, then have them read your notes and revision books to you.

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