Towards the end of the academic year many schools reward and celebrate all the hard work with trips. Whether to the seaside or museum, a day out on the coach or a week-long residential, getting out of the classroom has all sorts of benefits for children of all ages and in lots of different ways.

Experiencing topics in the real world and in a more practical way, helps cement that learning for children. There’s nothing like getting out and experiencing the learning for real. Seeing historical sites or getting hands-on with nature engages pupils and can be something they will talk about and remember in their learning for years to come.

Being out of the more formal classroom environment allows pupils to bond with each other in new ways, improving their personal and social development. For many, a school trip is an opportunity to go somewhere or do something they would not normally do with their family.

Museums and heritage sites are not what they used to be – the vast majority now make a real effort to appeal to younger visitors with interactive displays and hands-on exhibits. Many have specialist education officers who work with teachers to create a fun and educational day sampling all the best the museum has to offer.

For children who find a very heavy focus on text to be hard work, a school trip can be a more hands-on, interactive and practical experience. Doing something different from schoolwork gives children a chance to shine in other ways. Which then gives them more confidence in their studies and capabilities when they do get back into the classroom.

Kinaesthetic learners, who learn by doing, love the change of scenery and chance to get stuck in. As do visual learners, who are more engaged by seeing concepts come to life through illustrations, videos and demonstrations. Getting the chance to do something a bit different is an exciting new challenge and a fun day out for everyone.

It is not even necessary to go to the cost of an expensive day trip to the city, there are plenty of activities you can do for free that will reinforce your child’s learning. 

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