Recently, we looked at school trips but with the summer holidays well underway, what about activities and visits with the family?

Visual learners love to do new things away from the school environment. Many find the heavy auditory style of school to be hard work. But the freedom to explore a museum, gallery, park, nature reserve or historical site and learn in their own style is very different.

New and unusual places fuel the visual learners’ imagination. They can hold onto information much better when it is presented through images, displays

There are many child-friendly, hands-on museums all over the country. The seeing and doing combination is great for visual learners. It really helps to cement concepts in their minds much more than being told about it.

St Fagans National History Museum near Cardiff and Eden Camp in North Yorkshire are two great open air museums. London’s Science Museum is always very popular with families, as is Eureka! The National Children’s Museum in Halifax and the Museum of Childhood in Derbyshire. They are likely to have special programmes and events over the holidays and many are free.

Nearby museums, art galleries and parks can be found via your council’s website and are very likely to have holiday activity days. There are lots of free and easy to use resources online – the RSPB have activity packs for budding wildlife enthusiasts that you can use without going to one of their centres. The National Trust has a 50 Things To Do Before You’re 11 ¾, some of which can be done in local parks and other areas.

The holidays are an important time for children to relax and unwind but also for new experiences and trying things they don’t get to do in school. Parents have the chance to tailor these activities to their child’s own learning style for the most benefit and the most fun.

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