CE/KS3 Science: Physics: Light

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Light is a topic that crops up across several modules and this topic pack underpins the understanding of light energy. Oaka colour illustrations and short, focused sentences help ensure your child understands and learns the key information needed for Common Entrance/KS3. 

This is a fully illustrated revision guide for CE/KS3 pupils, covering: 

  • Light energy.
  • The speed of light through different states of matter.
  • How light travels.
  • Why we can see some objects and cannot see others.
  • Opaque and translucent materials.
  • Shadows and how they are formed.
  • Light diffusion.
  • Light sources - luminous and reflected light.
  • Why certain objects reflect light.
  • Inverted images.
  • Using reflections in everyday life.
  • Incident and emergent rays.
  • The Normal Line.
  • Incident and refracted angles.
  • The white light spectrum.
  • Using a prism to split white light.
  • Seeing different colours.

The Topic Pack includes: 

  • Revision Booklet with Glossary of Key Terms.
  • Active Learning Game.
  • Question & Answer Conversation Flashcards.
  • Write Your Own Notes Booklet.