Are you a Home Educator?

Welcome to Oaka!

We have been supplying home educators with our engaging, fun and effective resources since we launched in 2013. 

Our topic packs are ideal for home use as they will enable you, as your child's teacher, to quickly get a grasp of each topic as well as the key words and concepts that your child needs to understand.

Our packs are designed to be easy to use; clearly laid out, using short words and simple sentence structures and lots of fabulous images.

Within each of our topic packs there is a clear and concise Topic Booklet, full of illustrations to support the text. A Write Your Own Notes Booklet enables your child to use his or her new knowledge to complete the wordbook. Finally, each pack includes an active learning game. For sciences, geography and French this is a quiz format board game with Q&A cards. For our history packs it includes an active learning map complete with character cards for your child to re-enact events.

We understand that being a home educator is an expensive option, so we have a special discount scheme especially for you. All orders up to £199 will receive a 10% discount. Orders of over £200 will receive a 15% discount. These discounts can be used against any of our products and as many times as you wish.

Living overseas? Obviously, we have to charge carriage on our paper products but we try to keep it as low and simple as possible, so we only charge £20 for worldwide delivery of any number of products. An annual subscription to Oaka Digital has no delivery charge.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at and we will get straight back to you.

Best wishes

Bambi Gardiner

Founder Oaka Books