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Why use a tricky word to spell and read to describe a condition that means you find spelling and reading difficult? Considering that the word ‘dyslexia’ is used to describe difficulty with reading, it is a strange choice of word.  The meaning of the word ‘dyslexia’ originally comes from the Greek word ‘dys', meaning poor or inadequate. The other half, ‘lexis’ translates as words or languages. This implies that people who have the learning disability are poor with language tasks. Through the breakdown and translation of the word dyslexia, it is clear as to why it has been used. However...

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Reading Problems in Grade 4 & Up  by Donna Stuart If your child is in Grade 4 or up, they should be a fluent reader. Most students this age have moved into the stage of ‘learning to read’, from ‘reading to learn.” What reading problems “look like” to parents and teachers, change, as a child gets older due to the changing demands and expectations of their environment on their reading, writing and oral ability. In addition to the original problem of trouble learning to read, they may now be experiencing significant problems across academic subject areas where they are being...

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