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Dyslexia comes in many shapes and forms. Each person who has dyslexia will be affected in a different way, whether it’s an issue with processing speed, short term memory or their spelling and reading. With dyslexia occurring in at least 1 in 10 people, affecting more than 700 million children and adults worldwide, it is an important issue to understand. Every person with dyslexia has a specific underlying, neurological cause of their learning difficulty.  For people who have dyslexia it is all about knowing how to cope and which different learning techniques work for them. It is so important for...

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Why use a tricky word to spell and read to describe a condition that means you find spelling and reading difficult? Considering that the word ‘dyslexia’ is used to describe difficulty with reading, it is a strange choice of word.  The meaning of the word ‘dyslexia’ originally comes from the Greek word ‘dys', meaning poor or inadequate. The other half, ‘lexis’ translates as words or languages. This implies that people who have the learning disability are poor with language tasks. Through the breakdown and translation of the word dyslexia, it is clear as to why it has been used. However...

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